1-Year-Old Girl Gift Ideas (From a Mamma of Two Little Girls)

There’s nothing like seeing a baby girl you love light up with joy after receiving something new. All of these items my two little girls absolutely loved at this age. I made a list of gift ideas for 1-year-old little girls to help parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or just someone special get a little girl the perfect gift.

Baby Doll With Bottle

My girls just loved giving their baby her bottle. It is honestly kind of funny to watch because at this age they are such a baby themselves.

Baby Doll Stroller

My girls could push their baby dolls in their baby doll strollers all day. It made such a great outside activity! I would let them push their babies in their strollers before their nap to get their exercise in. It made for some good afternoon naps!

Jellycat Stuffed Bunny

The Jellycat stuffed animals are our absolute favorite stuffed animals. They are very high quality and so stinking cute. My daughter Everly’s favorite is her bunny and my daughter Reese’s favorite is her lamb. I have run the Jellycat stuffed animals through the washing machine many times and they hold up great.


A tent is so much fun! My daughter loves to bring all her stuffed animals and babies in her tent and play make-believe.

Bouncey Pal

With a bouncey pal, your little ones will be able to bounce around the house on one of their favorite animals. It’s great for burning some energy and makes for lots of fun.

Play Cell Phone

I think most parents know babies and toddlers just love grown-up cell phones. So give them their own! Sort of ha. A play cell phone will allow them to pretend to talk on the phone, and you can give them the toy when you’d like your real one back.


My daughter Everly just loves her purse! She will grab it before we leave the house. It’s so funny! She likes to load it up with little toys and sometimes even some pretend makeup.

Piggy Bank Coin Set

Everly got this for her first birthday and it was one of her favorites. Developmentally at this age, they love activities like this where they have to put the coins through the slip. It also makes fun sounds and is very cute.

Dino Sensory Game

This dino toy was another of Everly’s favorites from her first birthday party. It got her pinchers working, and it was like a fun puzzle for her. She would take all of the spikes out and then put them all back again.

Tea Set

My girls love their tea sets! Starting right around age 1, tea parties became a regular in our home.

3 Wheel Toddler Bike

Your little one will love a bike like this! It is very easy for them to use and they will enjoy being able to roll around. I sometimes even take our to the park with us and the girls will ride around there.

Makeup Kit

Ah my girls love their makeup kits! I’d recommend a kit like this one for a 1-year-old that just has pretend makeup so that you don’t have to clean up any big messes.

Leapfrog Words Book

This is such a fun, interactive book. You can do it together or let them play independently. It will tell your child what each thing is that they push on. It’s great for speech development.

Piano Mat

This piano mat is a hit in our home. The girls will laugh and laugh as they step on the keys and make music.

Magnet Tiles

I love magnet tiles! Right around age 1, your child will be able to put them together and take them apart. I liked to put a bunch on the bottom of the fridge and let them play with them there. As the child gets older, they will be able to make some masterpieces.

Mega Blocks

Mega Bocks are another super fun activity. You can make a fun tower together with your child and then let them knock it down. We actually got two of these sets so that we could make really big towers.


I know this one is a little extra but it does lead to lots of fun. If you do get a toddler car, I’d just get one that has a remote option as 1-year-olds typically can’t drive very well themselves.

Toddler Bumper Car

We have a big open space in our basement and the girls love to drive their bumper car around. I was so impressed that Everly was able to drive this thing like a pro at 13 months!

LovEvery Kits

Oh my goodness the LovEvery kits are amazing. Each one is just a slam dunk. They are made by a team of educators so each is perfect for your child’s specific age in months. They are Montessori style and of wonderful quality.

Play Kitchen

A play kitchen creates hours of fun. The little ones will use their imagination and bake up all sorts of treats for you to “taste.”


Having a 1-year-old little girl is such a special time. They’re not quite a baby not quite a toddler. They have a fun imagination and love to play. Their smiles will warm your hearts and their hugs will make your day. Enjoy these precious moments to the fullest!