2-Year-Old Girl Gift Ideas (From a Mama of Two Little Girls)

Gift shopping for a special 2-year-old little girl? I’ve got you covered! As a mama of two little girls, I decided to make a list of some of my girl’s favorite items at age 2. 2 is such a fun age! They are using their imagination, have tons of energy, and completely light up when they get a new toy. Here are some ideas that will fill them with excitement:


My girls love this microphone! It has a speaker built right into it so they can do solos for hours. You can also play with the different effects or have it play music to sing along to. It’s kind of like a portable Karaoke machine.


A tricycle is so much fun at this age. Right when they turn 2 they may just move it by walking their feet, but soon they will be able to use the petals and ride it down the street.

Balance Bike

A balance bike is another great option for a 2-year-old. It has no petals so they move it by running their feet on each side. They can go quite fast in this, and they learn to pick up their feet and balance while it glides. It can make for an easy transition to a real bike.

Musical Instruments

A musical instrument kit can introduce your 2-year-old to making music and allow them to experiment with making their own sounds. The Xilapone and shakers were both my girls’ favorite to play with.

Mini Piano

A mini piano can be so much fun! One with a microphone can be even better. My girls love to sit on the floor and play and sing. This one is nice because you can make the piano make different sounds or play songs to play along with.

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Jellycat stuffed animals are the best stuffed animals in my opinion. They are durable and oh-so cute. Both my girls have a special Jellycat stuffed animal that they like to sleep with at night. I have run these stuffed animals through the washing machine many times, and they always come out great.

Water Coloring Pad

I love this water coloring pad! You fill the little pen with water and then they “color” on the coloring pad. The water changes the colors on the coloring pad so they feel like they’re coloring or painting. There is no mess and you can use the coloring pad over and over again after it dries.

Water Drawing Mat

This water drawing pad is also a hit. It comes with water pens and they can color right on the pad. The pad is rather large, so they can color for quite a long time before it is full of their creations. Then you just need to set it outside in the sun, and it dries quickly. I sometimes give my girls water buckets and paintbrushes to use on this, and it works great as well.

Little People Princesses

Little People are all the rage for 2-year-olds. My girls love this Little People Princess set. It has the characters that they know and love from Disney! They will play all sorts of pretend games with them.

Little People Princess Castle

So many hours of imaginative play can come from this princess castle. My girls love to play pretend with their Little People in this castle.

Play-Doh Kit

2-year-olds love Play-Doh! My two most know better than to try to eat it. And even if they do, it’s non-toxic. A Play-Doh kit with some instruments like cookie cutters, scissors, and a pizza cutter and be very fun.

Play Makeup

Play makeup is certainly a hit. Most 2-year-old little girls have seen others apply their makeup and are dying to try it. Letting them play pretend with play makeup can fill them with excitement.

Dress Up Kit

A dress-up kit can make little girls feel like princesses! Dress-up shoes, jewelry, crowns, and skirts can be so much fun. My girls will sometimes wear their dress-up items all day.

Doctor Kit

This doctor kit is so cute and great for imaginative play. 2-year-olds usually know all about the doctor as they’ve been many times so pretending to be a doctor comes naturally. I love that this doctor kit comes with a little puppy for them to play with.

Magnet Tiles

Magnet Tiles are just the best. They encourage imagination and creativity, and there are so many ways to play with them. The kids can start to make towers or shapes. You can also put the Magnet Tiles on the refrigerator and let them play on there.

Magnetic Doodle Board

A magnetic doodle board is another mama favorite because it makes art time mess-free. Your little one can draw pictures without you having to get out a bunch of supplies or clean up anything.

Bubble Lawn Mower

My girls absolutely love this bubble lawn mower in the summer. They push it and tons of bubbles come out! They will take turns with one pushing it and the other running to pop the bubbles.

Bumper Car

This bumper car runs daily in our home. We have it in our basement where we have some open space and man do the girls love it. I am seriously impressed by how well they maneuver this thing too.

Toddler Jeep

I know this one seems pretty extra but man do my girls love it. One girl will drive and one will ride and they will run it until the battery dies. A 2-year-old can do a pretty good job driving this on their own but it also comes with a remote so you can still maneuver it while they are learning to drive (ha!).

LovEvery Kits

I am a big fan of LovEvery. Each kit is such a slam dunk. The kits are designed specifically for your child’s age developmental abilities and interests. The toys are all Montessori and educational.