2018 Wedding Trends To Watch For
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2018 Wedding Trends To Watch For

2018 Wedding Trends

What will the 2018 wedding trends be? In 2017 we saw donut walls, lots of lace, flower crowns, and a whole lot of millennial pink. The trends are already changing, and here’s an idea of what the 2018 wedding trends will look like:

Small Wedding Parties

This trend goes dramatically against what we’ve seen the past few years. In 2016 and 2017, it was not uncommon to see brides with more than ten bridesmaids. Now, you may see brides choose just to have a maid of honor stand by their side or have just two or three bridesmaids. While it is certainly fun to have all of your close friends in your wedding party, it can make the big day a bit chaotic. More brides are opting to keep their wedding party small, and instead invite their other friends to enjoy the festivities as a guest.  

Indoor Venues

This also goes against what we’ve seen the past few years. Previously, Pinterest wedding boards were full of outdoor ceremonies and celebrations, but now they seemed to be headed back inside. Ask any corporate event planner in NYC, a unique indoor venue with a beautiful floral design and fabulous lighting can be absolutely breathtaking. Moving everything indoors also takes away the stress of having to find last minute accommodations when poor weather ruins your plans.

Elaborate Dessert Tables

Be prepared to see a lot of elaborate, and I mean elaborate, dessert tables this year. There will likely be the traditional wedding cake, but there will also be cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, and a variety of other sweet treats covering the table. This stemmed from hosts desire to please all of their guests, no matter their dessert preference. Don’t like wedding cake? No problem! Have some pie instead.

Later Receptions

The prompt 11pm reception ending may be a thing of the past. More and more couples are choosing to extend their receptions or have a reception after party. The wedding ceremony and traditional reception activities can be a whirlwind, that’s why many are choosing to extend the celebration late into the night. This gives the couple and their guest more time together and more time to celebrate. So grab a nap before you go, bring some comfy shoes, and help make a magical day spill over into the next one!

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