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DIY Pumping Bra

I have just about made it to one year of breastfeeding and what a crazy journey it’s been. Breastfeeding has had its challenges but has been oh so rewarding. Pumping has not necessarily been my favorite part of the journey, but it has had its silver linings. How amazing is it to be able to physically see the liquid gold that your body makes for your baby, and then even build up a stash? For me, that part was pretty cool. 

My insurance provided me with two breast pumps. I leave one at work and one at home. I make sure I have a fully packed pumping bag in both locations with all of the necessities, including but not limited to extra bottles, storage bags, a cleaning brush, and of course a pumping bra or two. 

A pumping bra is a must-have for pumping mamas. It frees up your hands so that you can use your phone, your computer, or maybe just relax for a hot minute. But pumping bras are expensive, and if you’re like me and like to have a few available for use, making a DIY pumping bra is a great option. It only takes a few minutes to make and is way cheaper than buying several pricy bras. 

Here are 3 ways to make a DIY pump bra:

Cut your own!

Take a sports bra or bandau bra and put it on. With a permanent marker, mark the spot where your nipples are. Take the bra off and cut a about 2-inch horizontal hole in the bra. Put the bra back on and make sure your flanges will easily go inside and that it feels secure. Make the hole a little larger if you have difficulty getting your flanges inside.

Hack your nursing bra!

You can just hack a normal nursing bra to be a pumping bra. This is my favorite method because it doesn’t require changing bras! Unhook your nursing bra and pull over the cloth string that remains so that it crosses your breast. Place your flange and then cross and hook the front of your nursing bra under the other side so that it holds the flange in place.

Use hair bands.

For this method, take two hair bands and cross them through each other so that they are connected at one side and free at the other side. Hook one to your nursing bra clip and place your flange through the other loop. Hold the flange in place until your device is turned on and has a nice suction.

Watch my YouTube video here:

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