3-Year-Old Girl Gift Ideas (From a Mama of Two Little Girls)

3-year-old little girls are full of imagination and excitement. I had so much fun coming up with this list of gift ideas because I know how much my girls love each of these things. Whether you are a special aunt, uncle, grandparent, or parent, I hope this list helps you choose something that will bring joy to a special little girl.

Walkie Talkies

These are so much fun to enjoy with a friend, sibling, or parent!

Water Doodle Mat

My girls just love playing with this! You use the water pin to color on it and then it quickly dries so that you can start over. We also use paintbrushes and water to play with it.

Flower Garden STEM Toy

This toy allows kids to use critical thinking to build a beautiful garden.

Magnet Tiles

Another STEM toy, magnet tiles allow kids to use critical thinking to build masterpieces.

Color Wonder Markers

I love these mess-free markers because there is no chance of my walls getting ruined!

Chef Costume

Little girls love to be helpers and this chef costume is perfect for when they are helping in the kitchen.

Play-Doh Kit

Play-Doh is sometimes a daily activity in our home. This kit comes with a lot of fun accessories!


We like to take nature walks with these and the kids look for things that are the color of the day!

Barbie With Car

Because you can’t have a Barbie without a Mustang, right?

Scientist Barbie

Encourage science play with these scientist barbies!

Barbie Dream House

A Barbie house is an absolute favorite in our home. We have this one, and it’s huge, but it gets played with constantly.


Every little girl needs a cute purse to hold all of her important stuff!

Dress Up Kit

Dressing up is so much fun at this age.


This scooter is easy to use, and she will love it!

Night Projector

These projectors can fill a child’s room with beautiful stars or shapes.


Tents can lead to so much imaginative play!

Balance Bike

Balance bikes are perfect for this age because they allow kids to learn to balance without relying on training wheels.

Bike With Training Wheels

A bike with removable training wheels can be used now and in the years to come.


This jeep is an absolute hit in our home. My two girls will run it until the battery finally dies.

Bounce House

A bounce house is amazing to own. You can blow it up to get the kids’ energy out and pull it out for birthday parties.