4-Year-Old Girl Gift Ideas (From a Mama of Two Little Girls)

I am a mama of two little girls, and this gift list is full of things my 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves. I hope this list is helpful to you if you are shopping for a gift for a special 4-year-old little girl in your life.

Washable Paint Set

My 4-year-old adores painting and having washable paint is a must.

Play-Doh Kit

Play-Doh is such a fun activity that they can do independently or you can do together. This is a great kit that comes with some fun toys.

Doggie Play-Doh Kit

My daughter loves this doggie Play-Doh kit. You can make the Play-Dog from the doggie’s tongue and fur. It comes with some other fun toys as well.

Magnet Tiles

Magnet Tiles has been a favorite of my girls since they were babies. By age four they can make some pretty cool stuff with them!

Walking, Barking Dog

This walking and barking dog comes with a leash and is a 4-year-old girl favorite.


The Barbie obsession is in full swing at 4, and we love these scientist barbies.

Barbie Doll House

A Barbie house leads to hours of fun imaginative plan.

Barbie Car

Of course, your Barbie collection is not complete without a Barbie car.

Princess Dresses

We love these comfortable princess dresses. They are technically marketed as nightgowns, but my girls love to wear them all day. Because they are nightgowns, they are soft and comfortable for daily wear.

Mermaid Tail Costume

My daughter loves this mermaid costume set. She wears it in the bathtub, baby pool, and even around the house.

Science Kit

This is a super fun science kit that you can do together to encourage STEM interest!

Chef Outfit

My daughter loves having a chef costume for when she is helping in the kitchen.

Digital Camera

This digital camera is super affordable and works great!


These pretty rings are a favorite for dressing up.

Toy Doctor Kit

My daughter loves having a doctor kit to play doctor with and this kit even comes with a little stuffed doggie.

Dance Mat

I am seriously impressed at how good my daughter has gotten at this dance mat. It’s pretty fun for adults to use too.

Bike With Training Wheels

A bike with training wheels is great to get at this age! When she’s ready she can even start practicing without the training wheels.

Bounce House

Owning a bounce house can be worth the investment. Put it up in the basement on rainy days, bring it out at birthday parties, or just have it out on a sunny afternoon.


My daughters love their Jeep! They could ride it all day.

LovEvery Kits

Oh my goodness, Montessori LovEvery kits are just the best. They are catered to your child’s specific age and developmental needs. They are always a slam dunk.