A Guide to Staying Active During COVID-19 Staying Active During COVID-19
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A Guide to Staying Active During COVID-19

Staying Active During COVID-19

Staying Active During COVID-19

Exercise keeps us all feeling our best. However, COVID-19 social distancing guidelines are getting in the way of workout routines for people all over the country. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are looking for ways to stick to their goals without putting themselves, their loved ones, or their communities at risk.

Parents are struggling as well. Cancelled sports, dances classes, and other organized activities mean kids are more listless than ever. Everyone’s getting at least a little stir crazy and stressed out. The good news is, there are tons of perfectly safe ways your whole family can stay active while staying apart. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started: 

Evaluate The Benefits

Recognizing the benefits of exercise can boost your and your loved ones’ motivation: 

Get Outside 

Working out in the fresh air can fight cabin fever. 

Working Out at Home

Some days, getting outdoors might not be an option. Here’s how to keep it up inside: 

  • An in-home fitness area could be a great quarantine DIY project. 
  • If you have a stairway, there are a ton of great stair exercises you can do. 
  • Check out online exercise videos to find fun workouts for the whole family. 
  • Include a health-focused cleaning routine that keeps your home workout area germ-free.

You might have to reapproach your fitness routine for the immediate future, but this is an obstacle you can overcome. COVID-19 guidelines won’t last forever, and keeping to your goals the best you can for now will serve you and your family well in the long run. 

Guest Post by Anya Willis

Photo Credit: Pexels

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