Baby Girl Name Reveal

Baby Girl Name Reveal

Am I the typical Millennial who does a big social media announcement for every little thing? Eh, who cares. Our baby girl has a name! We came up with the idea to write her name in the sand and shoot a little video while we were on our babymoon in Amelia Island, Florida. We weren’t 100 percent decided at the time, so we held onto the clips for a few weeks until we felt confident saying we’ve decided. It’s such a huge decision! Our little girl will have this name her entire life after all.

Now for the video spoiler…quit reading and watch the video now if you haven’t…let’s talk about how we got Reese Renee. Reese has been one of my top three favorite names since I first started thinking about baby names. We had thought of the name Renee as a nice middle name because it is both my mom’s middle name and Kyle’s sister’s middle name. We hadn’t put the two together until the day of our gender reveal party when I asked, “how about Reese Renee?” We both loved it. It has such a good ring to it and looks very pretty written out. Lots of “e”s. Ha!

Now that we’ve decided, it’s so nice to call her by her name! We talk about setting up Reese’s room or dressing up Reese like a peanut butter cup for Halloween (ok the second one may be just me). Having her name picked out is also making everything feel more real and exciting. Little Reese will be here before we know it!


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