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How is my little girl 3 months old? And how am I just now getting around to posting her beautiful baby girl newborn photoshoot? #momlife. These photos are by Imago Dei Photography, and I’ll cherish them forever. Our little princess was just one week old when these were taken. I was cracking up how she was wide awake, but super chill the majority of the shoot. We quickly found out the wide awake part would be a trend – not a big sleeper. 

When we got the photos back after being edited, I was just amazed at how sweet they are! She looks like an angel. Crystal did an amazing job having a vision for each photo and she edited them beautifully. She also provided all of the outfits, which were so stinking adorable.

We talked about what I was looking for in the shoot ahead of time, and I told her I really liked neutrals, lace, and anything dainty. You can definitely see that theme through. 

The entire photoshoot took place in Reese’s nursery, which was so special. Any new parents know how hard we worked on that room! It was so fun to have photos that incorporated some of the decor. Some of the other photos look like they were in a professional studio, but it was awesome that they were also able to be taken in the comfort of our own home. 

My advice to new parents wanting a newborn photoshoot would be this: find a photographer who’s work fits with your vision ahead of time – we had Crystal booked weeks in advance. Discuss what you’re looking for with your photographer before the shoot, and see if the photographer will come to your home for the shoot. Traveling with a newborn is exhausting, even if its a short trip! 

Be sure to watch my vlog of our baby girl newborn photoshoot:


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