Bellababy Wearable Breast Pump Review

Bellababy Wearable Breast Pump Review

I just tried out the new Bellababy Wearable Beast Pump, and I am impressed! Below you will find my full review of the pump.

I knew I wanted to try it when I first saw it. The pump looks remarkably similar to the luxurious Elvie pump, but it is a fraction of the price. Each Bellababy wearable pump is just around $60 on Amazon. 

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The parts are easy to disassemble and clean. When putting it back together there is a little trick to getting the duckbill in place though. You have to pinch the duckbill, and then turn it to get it in. The instructions advise how to do this correctly, but it did take me a minute or two to get it. After that first time, I got used to it, and it was no longer an issue. 

The motor is pretty strong and has four different modes. I just used the traditional massage and stimulation modes, but I know the others can be helpful depending on your preference. It has 9 suction levels. I found that level 4 did the trick for me in both massage and stimulation modes. 

I am able to get the same amount of milk using the pumps as a traditional wall pump, but I just have to be sure to turn it up enough. The first time I used it, I didn’t turn the suction up high enough, and I didn’t get much milk. I also have to leave it on an extra minute or two then I would my plug-in wall pump. 

The Bellababy pump fits into my nursing bra nicely and can be undetectable if I am wearing something baggy or am wearing a jacket. It is very comfortable and its design works well with any bust size. The pump stays in place as long as I’m not bending down or over too much. I can certainly walk around the house and use my arms without them getting out of place. The motor is not silent but is not crazy loud either. It could be undetectable in a busy room or an airplane. 

To get your milk after you are done pumping, just lift the corner of the silicone pad and pour your milk out. This is different from most other wearable pumps which have some sort of spout, but I honestly prefer the Bellababy way because it is so efficient. 

Be sure to watch my YouTube review on the Bellababy Wearable Breast Pump here:

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