Billy Currington With Kelsea Ballerini Summer Forever Tour | Summerfest Columbia, MO

Anticipation for the “Billy Currington with Kelsea Ballerini Summer Forever Tour” had been building up for weeks in Columbia, Missouri before the concert day arrived. Posts about the pair coming to town dominated social media in the days building up to the show.


The day of the event, teeny boppers with Kelsea Ballerini’s swag definitely held their own in the crowd along with the fairly intoxicated country attire wearing college crowd.


Everyone went crazy when Kelsea took the stage. The crowd sang out her hits and danced along to her lesser known songs. Kelsea was incredibly lovable and a truly great performer. She looked like she was having the time of her life, which made it even more fun to watch.


Some of the younger crowd left when Kelsea finished, leaving a pretty inebriated young adult crowd. The crowd roared when Billy went on and loudly sang along to just about every song he sang. You could tell how excited everyone was to have him there. There were certainly some die-hard fans in the mix.


Billy handled the “enthusiastic” crowd wonderful and gave a great show. If you weren’t a huge fan of his before the concert, you definitely were after.


One of my favorite moments was when Kelsea came back on stage with Billy and the two sang together. They were so fun to watch, and I really think they should sing together more often!


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