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Coordinates Jewelry | Madison’s Favorites

Coordinates Jewelry

I just got this Sincerely Silver coordinates bracelet, and I am in love! It has the coordinates of my home, so when I am out and about I always have a sweet reminder of where my husband and baby are waiting for me. It is so heartwarming to just look down at my wrist and remember them, even if I am only five minutes away at the grocery store. It will also be such a nice reminder home I go back to work after my maternity leave. 

Coordinates jewelry is such a fun idea. Sincerely Silver also has lovely coordinates necklaces and rings in addition to their bracelets. The jewelry could be a beautiful reminder of someone you love who may be far from you. You could also wear it to remind you of a specific location that is special to you like where you got engaged or married. 

Sincerely Silver has many different styles and colors, so you can find a jewelry piece that is perfect for you. I just love my rose gold coordinates bracelet and will actually be giving one as a gift very soon. I think they are just such a beautiful and unique way to keep a beloved spot close to your heart. 



This post was made in collaboration with Sincerely Silver. 

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