Decorating Your Home With Crystal
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Decorating Your Home With Crystal

crystal home decor

I love crystal home decor! If you step into my house, you’ll catch as much. I have crystal decor everywhere. I just think it’s so beautiful and glamorous. I inherited most of my crystal collection from my grandmother. I also got a few pieces as wedding gifts. I have every piece on full display. If you have crystal, are registering for some, or are thinking of investing in some, here are some display ideas.

China Cabinet

crystal china cabinet

crystal china cabinet

I decided to display only crystal in my china cabinet. I have the cabinet prominently on display in the center of my living area. The second you walk in the door, it is what you see. The crystal sparkles when the sun comes in at sunrise and glimmers at sunset. It is in close proximity to the kitchen, so I can always grab a piece or two if I’m having guests over and would like to use something.

Bar Station

crystal beverage station

beverage staton

bar station

I also inherited this antique furniture piece from my grandmother. I made it into a sort of bar/butler station. I gathered my drink distillers along with some pretty whiskey and punch glasses to make this cute room accent.

Reading Nook

crystal home decor

crystal bowl

I made an area of my finished basement into a reading nook and took the opportunity to display some crystal there as well. The large crystal bowl is one of my absolute favorite pieces. It wouldn’t quite fit in my china cabinet, and it is much too beautiful to not display. This area ended up being perfect. I was able to put it on my cabinet far enough back that it won’t be bumped or damaged, but it is still in full view.

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