My Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I literally searched “early pregnancy symptoms” in Google every day for a week during the month I was trying to conceive.  You can really drive yourself crazy in that two-week wait after you ovulated but before you can test wondering if every little thing is a possible pregnancy symptom.

But there is no stopping most of us from obsessing because it is such a huge, life-altering thing! Your world is either forever changed because you are growing a tiny human inside of you, or you have to wait a whole nother month to try again.

Here is a list of common early pregnancy symptoms that came up often in my extensive two-week wait research:

  • tender breasts
  • changes to the nipples
  • fatigue
  • smell sensitivities
  • food aversions
  • nausea
  • cramping
  • elevated basal temperature
  • frequent need to urinate

In the month I conceived, I wrote down anything I was feeling that was even slightly out of the ordinary. I tracked my symptoms by day past ovulation or DPO. Here they are:

  • 3 DPO – weird and vivid dreams
  • 4 DPO – tummy ache throughout the day, congestion without any other cold symptoms
  • 5 DPO – congested
  • 6 DPO – slight nausea the entire day, congestion
  • 7 DPO – felt hot, nausea, congestion
  • 8 DPO – slightly dizzy, nausea, congestion
  • 9 DPO – slight cramping, nausea, congestion, positive pregnancy test!
  • 10 DPO – slight cramping, nausea, congestion
  • 11 DPO – slight cramping, nausea, congestion
  • 12 DPO – slight cramping, nausea, congestion
  • 13 DPO – tired, slight cramping, nausea, metal taste in mouth
  • 14 DPO – tired, slight cramping, nausea, expected period did not come

All of my symptoms were pretty mild but still noticeable. I found out I was pregnant very early with a First Response test, so actually knew that I was pregnant before my missed period.

I hope this helps you on your TTC journeys! I talked about my early pregnancy symptoms on my YouTube channel here:

early pregnancy symptoms

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