Elvie Stride Wearable Breast Pump Review

Elvie Stride

The Elvie Stride is one of the most popular wearable breast pumps on the market right now. The original Elvie made a huge splash a few years ago when it was one of the first wearable breast pumps available. But the original version was around $500 and many found that price tag hard to swallow.

Now the Elvie Stride is available at just a fraction of the price of the original and is even being covered by many health insurances. It maintains a lot of the same function and power as the original, but it does have a detached motor that connects to the wearable cups through tubes.

I’ve tried a lot of wearable pumps, and I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would like the Elvie Stride because of the tubes. However, the tubes really didn’t bother me at all. There are actually a few advantages.

For one, you only have to turn on and mess with one motor as opposed to turning on two different hubs. Also because there is just one motor, the two cups suction at the same time. Pumps, where the cups have attached motors, will suction at different times which feels a little funny. The Elvie Stride feels much lighter in the bra than pumps with attached motors, and this could be especially beneficial for larger-chested women who don’t want the extra weight.

I found the app to be quite easy to use and the parts to be high quality and easy to assemble. I never had any trouble with leaking but you do need to stay somewhat upright when using the pump. Just bend with your knees and keep your chest up straight if you have to bend down.

Watch my YouTube video that goes into assembly, how to use it, and more here: