It’s A Girl! | Confetti Popper Gender Reveal

Baby Girl Gender Reveal

It’s a girl!

We went super back and forth on whether or not to do one of those early blood tests to find out the gender in the first trimester. The genetic testing offered at the doctor’s office was going to be too expensive, but then there were those other early testing centers and even kits that you buy online. Almost everyone we talked to seemed to know someone the blood test was wrong for, so we ended up just deciding to wait until the second-trimester anatomy scan to find out.

I thought I would be dying to know the entire time, but I really wasn’t. If you’ve followed along with my pregnancy journey, you know that I spent my first 14 weeks terribly ill and have only felt a little better after that. I was so distracted with the sickness to think much of it.

Then all of the sudden the day of the scan was quickly approaching, and I talked to Kyle about having a gender reveal party. Always the extravert, he was all for it, but he must have not realized that you have to wait until the party to find out the gender. He was absolutely dying to know at the scan, and I thought he might rip open the sealed envelope the second they gave it to us.

I went ahead and gave the envelope to my brother and sister-in-law right after the scan to remove the temptation. They ordered these gender reveal confetti poppers off Amazon for us and they were here in plenty of time for the party.

When we finally popped them, I’ll admit I was surprised! I had thought it was a boy this whole time. That may just be because I have two younger brothers though. It quickly sunk in, and we are thrilled!

I really feel like I’m able to feel more excited about this pregnancy and little one now that I know her gender, feel her kick and am not bedridden. That’s not to say I wasn’t excited in the beginning, I just kinda thought she might kill me.

Watch my gender reveal video on YouTube:

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