Kailijumei Flower And Gold Flake Infused Body Temperature Lipstick Review

Photo Credit: Kailijumei

I have seen this lipstick everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Insta… you name it! I became more and more curious every time I saw it. Sure, it’s pretty. The infused flower and gold flakes are very interesting to look at – but does it really change temperature according to your body heat?

I decided to just look it up on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised that it could be found for under $15. So hey, why not right?

It came in a very pretty package and the tube itself is gorgeous with a mirror on its side. The lipstick is beautiful, just like the pictures. It even smells supper good!

I put it on and at first it went on clear, and then it changed colors after several seconds went by! The color “flame red” actually turned out to be more of a berry color on me. It also had a nice glossy finish.

The color lasted several hours without fading. The glossy finish did wear off after about 20 minutes.

I did a full YouTube review that can be found here:

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