Lady Antebellum With Kelsea Ballerini At The Missouri State Fair

We went to the Missouri State Fair this past weekend and saw Lady Antebellum with Kelsea Ballerini. It was one of my favorite concerts ever! I had just seen Kelsea perform not long ago, and she was as sweet and talented as ever. Her pop country songs brought in a lot of young people and the crowd sang out her hits with her. She got down off the stage a few times to take selfies and interact with the crowd.

When Lady Antebellum took the stage, the crowd roared with excitement. I had never seen them live before, so I fan girled pretty hard along with everybody else. I was amazed by their beautiful voices. They sounded so pretty coming through in their classic/modern country songs. They sang their hits along with their own takes on some different covers. Every bit of their performance and entertaining and engaging. Towards the end, they brought Kelsea back out and performed a classic country mix with her. I was awesome!

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