Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Review

Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Review

I got my Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 as my insurance-covered pump for baby #2, and I really liked it! I use it three full days a week while I am at the office and here are some of my thoughts.


First of all, the biggest difference between the 2.0 version and the original Signature Pro Smartpump is that it is quieter. This is awesome because the original was pretty loud. The quieter 2.0 makes me more comfortable pumping in an office setting because I know people can’t hear me down the hall. 


I have found Lansinoh parts to be high quality. They are easy to clean and last very well. I am able to get replacement parts every couple of months from my insurance, so I replace the parts as needed. 

I really enjoy the bottles that come with the pump. Both my babies took to their NaturalWave bottle nipples, and I ended up using those as my primary bottles. I even ordered some of their medium flow when my babies got bigger. I also bought some of the large bottles to pump into in the morning when my supply is at its greatest.

The Lansinoh milk bags are able to be pumped directly into without any connector needed. Be careful though, because if you fill up the bags too much, they could fall. The bags are my favorite for my freezer stash because they freeze flat nicely and are easy to pour out of.


I like just using the automatic settings on the pump. It does 2 minutes on massage mode and then switches to expression mode. I’ve found that I haven’t had to turn the suction power up or down at all although you can certainly do so. 


You can use batteries with this pump. This is a great option for occasionally pumping without being plugged into the wall. You can pump with batteries more than that, you just may end up spending a lot of money on batteries. 

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