Luke Bryan Farm Tour | Centralia, MO
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Luke Bryan Farm Tour | Centralia, MO

Luke Bryan Farm Tour | Centralia, MO

Photo: Luke Bryan Instagram 

I went to Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour show in a Centralia, MO farm this weekend, and it was so cool! A small Missouri farm turned into a mega concert with around 20,o00 people in attendance. Food and drink venders lined the perimeter of the closed in concert space, giving it a festival-like vibe.

Parking was relatively easy considering people were just parking in the empty field and space was unlimited. There were guides directing people where to go and trying to keep things organized. Lots of people even tailgated at their spot before the gates opened.

Luke performed for over an hour and was amazing. He is such an awesome performer and does a great job keeping the audience involved in every single song. One of the highlights of the show was when he brought 5-year-old Harper up on stage and let her sing a song with him. It was so cute!


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