Madison's Favorites | Easy Snorkel
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Madison’s Favorites | Easy Snorkel

You guys, I am so excited about these! I recently got Kyle and I Easy Snorkels to take on our traveling adventures. We love snorkeling when we go to beaches and lakes, but it can be expensive to rent equipment. I feel like having our own snorkels and taking them with us when we travel is the way to go.

But I didn’t just want any snorkels. I wanted nice ones that will give us the best snorkeling experience possible. Easy Snorkels have full face snorkel masks with 180 degree views. They let you breath though either your nose or mouth, eliminating possible discomfort. The snorkels also have built-in earplugs and anti-fog technology. The air chambers are anti-leak, so you don’t have to worry about water getting in easily.

I even got one of the masks that has a GoPro hookup! Prepare for epic travel blogs and vlogs.

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