Momcozy M1 Wearable Breast Pump Review

Momcozy M1

I recently got my hands on the newly released Momcozy M1 wearable breast pump, and I’m excited to share my full review as well as some useful tips. 

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The M1 has a digital touch screen with 9 suction levels and three different modes. It has a massage mode to generate a letdown, an expression mode for pumping, and a combination mode. I like using the massage mode for two minutes and then switching over to expression mode for the remainder of my pump. I didn’t care much for the combination mode, so I just don’t use it. The combination mode has three short massage mode sucks and then one longer expression mode suck. 

I would say the suction of the pump is moderate. It’s certainly not the strongest pump out there, but it will get the job done if you turn it up a little. I first had the Momcozy S12 wearable breast pump, which is very strong and I only turned that pump up to a level 3 to pump. With the M1, I need to turn it up to level 7 to get about the same amount of suction. 

I do get the same amount of milk using the M1 as I would a plug-in pump, I just have to turn it up to the correct strength. I also have to pump for an extra couple of minutes more than I would a plug-in pump, but that is common with wearable pumps. 

The design of the pump is very sleek. It doesn’t have a bulky motor on top, so if you are wearing a baggy sweater or jacket, you really could slip it into your bra and pump without anyone noticing. 

The sound of the pump is noticeable in a quiet room but is pretty quiet for a pump. If the room is noisy at all, you can certainly get away with pumping without anyone catching on. 


If you are trying to pump and you are not getting suction, I would first make sure all of your parts are on correctly. The motor may still be making a noise, but if your diaphragm is not facing the right way, or your flange is not on correctly, it may not work.

Make sure that your nipple is completely in the center of the flange. If it is being blocked by hitting the side, you’re not going to get any milk. 

Be sure to close the little cap on the top of the pump. Although the pump has flat sections on the bottom and center for sitting the pump down, the M1 can be top-heavy because of the motor and spill. If you don’t have the cap closed, your milk could spill. 

The milk will pour out of the cap, but it pours out slowly and sometimes milk is still trapped inside. I prefer to open up the flange a bit after pouring out of the cap to get that last bit of milk. 

Watch my YouTube video on the M1 here:

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