Momcozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump Review

Momcozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump
Momcozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump

The Momcozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump works well and is a great wearable breast pump option. It has some nice improvements from the M1 model and has a lot to offer.

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My favorite part about it is honestly all of the extras it comes with though. It comes with a great carrying bag, a flange cover, and more. There’s a lot of value in what you are buying when you get the M5.

The M5’s flange has a horizontal angle to it. This is an improvement from the M1 pump that could fit a bit awkwardly in the bra. The horizontal angle is also supposed to be more like a baby’s suck.

The pump suck has a slight vibration to it. I hardly noticed this when pumping, but I think it did generate a letdown slightly quicker.

It has a smaller motor than the Momcozy S9 and S12 Pros, so it is a little less noticeable under clothing.

Tips For Using The M5:

  • Make sure your nipple is completely in the middle when you put on the pump. If it is hitting the side, you may not get milk because your milk ducts will be blocked.
  • Use a stretchy bra. Most nursing bras will be fine but an underwire or padded bra won’t work well.
  • Bend with your knees and keep your chest upright if you need to grab something off the floor. You can lean slightly forward or back with this pump, but if you bend over too far you may spill milk.
  • Make sure your flange is on correctly. If it is off even a little, you may leak milk.

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