Momcozy S12 Breast Pump Review

Momcozy S12 Review Tips Troubleshooting

Spoiler alert: I love my Momcozy S12. This post is all about my Momcozy (or Amazon) S12 breast pump review as well as my tips and troubleshooting advice.

I remember after I had my first baby a couple of years ago looking into the Elvie and the Willow and wanting them so bad but not being willing to spend that $500. I was attracted to the convenience of being able to pump without being plugged into anything and without having to undress. 

I found pumping at home to be difficult using my traditional pump because I was pretty strapped to a plug so I really couldn’t care for my baby while I pumped. This was difficult during my maternity leave pump sessions because I would try to pump after every morning feeding. I would put the baby on the playmat and pump and just hope she wouldn’t cry or need me. 

Now with two kids, it would be almost impossible to pump without my Momcozy S12. This time during my maternity leave I mainly used my Haakka pump once a day to build up my milk stash and then used my Momcozy S12 when I actually had to miss a feeding or if the baby only ate from one breast and the other was engorged.

That’s mainly how I use it now too. I use my Momcozy S12 to pump before leaving the house for a date night or on the go when I am having to miss a feeding. It is so nice to be able to pump while doing my hair and makeup or while walking around the house. When using the pump on the go, I generally find myself pumping in the car (passenger seat) or finding somewhere private to pump. It is so awesome not having to undress while pumping. 

Things You Should Know

This pump will add a great deal of convenience, but it will not necessarily provide all of the luxuries of the Elvie or Willow. You cannot lay down or bend over too much while wearing your Momcozy S12 or you will leak. This pump is also not silent. The S9 model is quieter than the S12 model, but both can easily be heard. And speaking of models – some prefer the S9 model because it is quieter, but I prefer the S12 because of the digital screen. I like being able to just look down and know how long I have been pumping. 

Other Sellers

Yes, you can find other sellers on Amazon and online and they probably are the same pump. I would just make sure you are buying from a reputable company that has customer service. You don’t want to end up with something that has been used or a knockoff! I know the company Carer is good. 

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Buy One Or Two?

So should you buy one or two? It depends on your preference! Do you prefer to pump one side at a time or do you prefer to pump two sides at a time? I always prefer to pump both at a time to save time so I got two. One thing to consider though is the pumps are not connected in any way so they will suck at different times. That felt a little weird to me at first since it was so unlike traditional pumps. 


You’re going to want to make sure all of your pump parts are on correctly and on tight. This really isn’t that hard to do, but if you are putting it together in a hurry, you may mess up and then have some leakage. 

I usually sort of roll it onto my breast from the bottom to the top to ensure that my nipple is in the middle of the flange. If your nipple is not in the middle and it is hitting the sides, you may not get milk because your nipple is blocked. If you don’t feel your breast emptying or feel like something is wrong, it is a good idea to go ahead and check. 

I also roll it off from top to bottom when removing it. That way any milk that was sitting in the flange hopefully drops into the container. If you just pluck it straight out of your bra, you could have some milk spill if the milk was just sitting in the flange hole. 

If possible, make sure all your parts are completely dry between pumps. If not, it will probably still work fine, but it may make a funny sound. 

This pump is strong! It’s totally normal to do a full pump on level 2 or 3. I have found that when it is less charged up it can lose a little strength, so you may just need to turn it up or go ahead and charge it. 

I am not a big fan of the pump’s stimulation/massage mode so I prefer to just get my let down on level 1 and then pump it up to level 2 or 3 once the milk is flowing.

I hope this all helped! Be sure to watch my YouTube video with my tips and tricks here:

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