Momcozy S12 Pro Review

Momcozy S12 Pro Review

I love my Momcozy S12 Pro wearable breast pump! They took the few imperfections that the original S12 had and fixed them with this pro version.

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The Momcozy S12 Pro has a longer battery life. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge, and then it will last 140 minutes. Most women will only have to charge it once a day.

The shield is double-sealed so it is much less likely to leak. I haven’t had mine leak at all. The shield does take an extra couple of seconds to put on compared to the original because of the double seal, but it is worth it if you ask me.

The motor connects more easily to the milk container. The previous version used a silicone ring that was prone to getting dirty or wearing out.

The suction is much more bearable. The original could be a bit much for some women even on level 1. This one provides a more comfortable suction. With my S12 Pros, I like doing level 3 or 4 for two minutes on massage mode and level 3 or 4 for 13ish minutes on expression.


It has a great digital screen, but it will turn off while pumping. If you want to check your levels or how long you’ve been pumping, just hit the mode button.

You can’t bend all the way over in this pump. It’s best to stay semi-upright at all times.

Like all wearable pumps, it’s a good idea to pump an extra few minutes than your traditional plug-in wall pump. Wearable pumps seem to need just a couple extra minutes to fully empty you.

Be sure to use a nice stretchy nursing bra when pumping. Nothing with underwire or padding.

Always lean forward when you are taking it off. Otherwise, any milk left in the flange shaft could spill out.

Watch my full YouTube video about the Momcozy S12 Pro here:

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