Momcozy S9 Pro Wearable Breast Pump Review

I am so excited about the new Momcozy S9 Pro wearable breast pump! It has some wonderful improvements from the original version but still has an affordable price tag.



Here are some of the improvements this pump has when compared to the original version: 

  • The shield is more leakproof. It has a much stronger grip than the collection cups, so it is less likely to leak. This does however make it a little harder to assemble. 
  • It is quieter. You have a better chance of secretly pumping or you are less likely to disturb the baby. 
  • It is smaller. It will have a slightly less noticeable bulge in your bra. 
  • The battery lasts longer. The battery can last a total of 180 minutes pumping. That is a total of 6-8 pumps for most women.  
  • More suction levels. The pro version has 9 levels while the original only has 5. 
  • The motor connects to the milk collectors better. The original version was suctioned to the milk collector using a silicone ring that could get dirty or wear out. The pro attaches using a raised hole in the milk collector. 


Like the original version, the pump has massage mode and expression mode.

I like doing levels 2 or 3 on massage mode for around 2 minutes and then doing levels 2 or 3 on expression mode for around 15 minutes. 


With all wearable pumps, I have these tips:

  • Make sure your nipple is correctly placed in the center of your shield.
  • Make sure your bra is stretchy and your pump fits in it nicely. Not too loose and not too tight. 
  • Use a setting where you feel a nice pull, but no pain. 
  • Use it for a couple of extra minutes than your plug-in pump. 

Be sure to watch my YouTube video on the Momcozy S9 Pro here:

Click to view this downloadable breastfeeding log on Etsy.

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