MomMed S10 Pro Wearable Breast Pump Review

Mommed S10 Pro Review and Tips

The MomMed S10 Pro has emerged as a great option for pumping moms looking for an affordable wearable pump with a strong battery life, the ability to hold a lot of milk, and that has quality parts. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this pump option.

Design and Portability

The MomMed S10 Pro instantly stands out with its sleek and compact design. This wearable breast pump discreetly fits inside a bra, offering hands-free pumping, a valuable feature for busy moms. It comes in both green and pink colors.

Each pump is able to hold more than 6 ounces, making it a nice option for overproducing mothers.

It has excellent portability. Its lightweight build, coupled with a convenient carrying case, ensures that it can be easily taken anywhere.

Comfort and Convenience

MomMed S10 Pro’s soft, silicone breast shields provide gentle contact with the skin, minimizing discomfort during pumping sessions. The adjustable suction levels allow users to personalize the experience for optimal comfort and milk flow.

Its relatively quiet operation permits usage during meetings or while the baby is napping without causing disruptions.

Efficiency and Performance

The pump offers various modes and suction levels to mimic a baby’s natural nursing pattern. This feature not only maximizes milk expression but also guarantees user comfort throughout the pumping process.

Battery Life and Charging

Concerns about battery life are common among users of wearable breast pumps, but the MomMed S10 Pro pleasantly addresses this issue. Its long-lasting battery can effortlessly endure multiple pumping sessions before needing to charge.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All parts that come into contact with milk can be disassembled and easily cleaned. I often just run my washable parts through the dishwasher in a dishwasher bag.


For breastfeeding moms in search of a reliable portable breast pump, I think the MomMed S10 Pro is a great option. It has the potential to enhance the breastfeeding journey by providing the freedom and flexibility needed to balance the demands of motherhood. It comes at an affordable price tag but still has great quality. Watch my full YouTube review here: