MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump Review & Tips

MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump

The MomMed S21 Wearable Breast Pump is a great wearable breast pump with a very nice price tag. It costs just a portion of what many of the other wearable breast pumps cost while still maintaining excellent quality. 

S21 on MomMed store: http://shrsl.com/446sh
MomMed store discount code for pumps: MDSMMD10
S21 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B6C539QQ?maas=maas_adg_B2D8C71A971A86C38273A13072105AD8_afap_abs&ref_=aa_maas&tag=maas
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What sets it apart

The MomMed S21 has a quiet motor giving it the ability to be used discreetly. This can be very helpful to mom’s who’s jobs require discrete pumping. 

It has 12 different suction levels and 3 modes. 12 levels are much more than most other wearable pumps have, giving more moms the ability to find the perfect settings for them. Level 1 is quite gentle and level 12 is quite strong. It has automatic mode which is similar to a traditional massage mode with short quick sucks, a massage mode which has short sucks and then a long suck, and expression mode. 

The MomMed S21 has an awesome digital screen that shows you your mode, level, battery life, and how long you’ve been pumping.

The parts are very high quality and last well. The pumps come with some replacement parts and inserts. Most women will need to use those inserts as the flanges the pump comes with are 27mm. The inserts include are 24mm, so if you need smaller inserts than that, just buy them separately.


I preferred to use automatic mode to generate a let down on level 3 and then expression mode for the remainder of my pump on level 4. When choosing your settings, make sure to be feeling a nice pull without experiencing any pain. 

It is important to take care when assembling your pump. If you are having any leakage, double-check that your parts are all on correctly. 

Make sure that your nipple is completely in the middle when pumping. If it is hitting the sides, you won’t get a good pump. 

Make sure you have a good suction. Use a snug but stretchy nursing bra and make sure the pump is not tilted away from the breast causing a loss of suction. 

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