Mommy And Baby Morning Routine

I love my morning routine with baby Reese. She is just so happy and sweet in the morning. 

My morning usually begins around 4:30 am with Reese’s pre-dawn feeding. Reese has never been a great sleeper and was still up sometimes 6 plus times a night at 5 months, so we did some gentle sleep training. It really helped, and the only night waking we are left with is this early morning feeding. I honestly am in no hurry to get rid of it. She is just so cuddly and cute. 

After that, she generally goes back down and sleeps until around 7 am. When she wakes up and starts making noise, I walk into her room, and she gives me the biggest smile. We nurse and change her diaper and head into the living room to play. I play with her a bit and then grab myself some coffee and a protein bar. We play in the living room, in the jumper, in her room, and maybe even walk outside on the deck to look around. 

Before I know it, it’s time for her morning nap. She never really fights this morning nap. I think she plays so hard in the morning that she’s always super tuckered out! I put on her sleepsack and rock her until she’s drowsy and then put her down. 

It’s during this nap that I get myself ready for the day and maybe have another cup of coffee and eat a bigger breakfast. She typically only naps around 45 minutes, so I do have to hustle a little to fit that all in. Before I know it, she’s up, and we start the next part of our day.

I love our little morning routine. It is just such a fun time of the day, and I know I will always cherish this sweet time with my baby in the years to come.

Watch my morning routine on YouTube here:

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