Morning Sickness Remedies: Natural and Prescription

Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness, or pregnancy sickness as I usually call it since I have it all day, totally sucks. It’s like the flu that keeps on giving. I’m 16 weeks and the sickness is still lingering around. I am better than I was in my first trimester, but I still feel super nauseous most of the day and throw up several times a week. I’ve pretty much tried everything – natural and prescription to help, and I wanted to share my favorite remedies with you in case you’re in the same nausea filled boat.

First, here’s the natural remedies that I found actually helped.

  • Preggie Pops: These are candies with natural ingredients aimed at helping morning sickness. They did help a bit early in my pregnancy before I was too sick. Once I was throwing up multiple times a day, they were pretty useless. If you are only having mild symptoms, I could see them helping.
  • Lifesaver Mints: These are a favorite of mine. I suck on them all day to help curb my nausea. They aren’t going to stop you from throwing up, but having something minty to suck on makes the all-day nausea less terrible.
  • Mint Tums: Tums really help when you are having tummy aches. The normal fruity flavors can gross me out when I’m having nausea, so the mint flavored ones became my favorite.
  • Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Oil: This oil is peppermint smelling and is great to have in your purse if you are easily nauseated by smells. This really came in handy at work when people would microwave chicken in the break room down the hall.
  • Vomit Bags: These are so nice to have if you are a puker. I would get anxiety about having to throw up when I didn’t have easy access to a bathroom or trash can. I slipped some of these in my purse for a quick puke if needed. They are great to have in the car and also by your bed in case you don’t feel you’ll reach the toilette in the middle of the night.

Now for the prescription medications. Not all women have it so bad that they need medication, but I sure did. I was losing weight and becoming dehydrated and malnourished. When I first got a prescription, I kind of hoped it would cure my sickness, and it didn’t even come close. It did help some though and here’s my experience with the medications I tried.

  • Zofran: This is the first medication I tried and the one I have kept coming back to. It does provide some relief from the constant nausea and also usually stops my vomiting while it is in my system. The relief only lasts part of the day, and I only take it once a day because taking it more than that gives me stomach aches.
  • Promethazine: This did nothing but make me a little extra tired. I still threw up on it and didn’t try it for very long.
  • Bonjesta: This made me crazy. I’m not kidding. The first day on it I felt pretty good. The second day on it I was sobbing, angry, and aimlessly wandering around my house. I don’t know if that’s a common side effect, but I decided the prescription wasn’t for me.

I talk about all of these remedies in my YouTube video here:

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