My Ancestry DNA Results

I have been really curious about my ethnicity recently. So for my birthday this year, I asked Kyle to get me an ancestry.com DNA kit.

I mainly wondered what countries my ancestors were from and when they came to the states. I figured I’d get mostly northern Europe, as I’m blonde and blue eyed, but I really didn’t know much more than that. Through my parents and relatives, I’d heard of some Irish, British, and French ancestry, but the consensus was usually that I’m probably mostly Irish. There was supposedly a lot of Irish on both sides of the family but no one seemed too certain about anything.

Ever since I was little, I’d heard that I was Irish, and I even remember wearing a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button and T-shirt one St. Patrick’s Day. If someone asked me what my ethnicity was, I’d probably say Irish.

So, my results were actually quite surprising to me…

I got 62% British and only 13% Irish! When I asked around, my relatives seemed to say it made sense. It turns out both my grandmothers have almost completely British roots, as does one of my grandfathers, and my other grandfather had a French background.

The website explained that some of the Scandinavian and Germanic regions could have come from the viking and germanic raids.

As an avid Downton Abbey and Kate Middleton fan, I was quite excited with these results, and now when asked my ethnicity I just say “British.”

I still don’t know exactly when any members of my family came to the states, but its nice to know where they came from!

Watch my YouTube video about the experience here:

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