My JoinFridays GLP-1 Telehealth Review

Join Fridays Reviews

I use the telehealth JoinFridays for my GLP-1 weight loss, and I have been incredibly happy with it. I am on compound tirzepatide and am now at my goal weight having lost 30 pounds. I actually switched to Join Fridays from a different GLP-1 telehealth, and I’m so glad I did. 

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I began researching GLP-1s for weight loss and decided to go for it after a solid year of trying to get to a healthier weight without success. I was having very frustrating PCOS symptoms, and I am also a heart disease patient. My BMI was right at 27 and prior to my two pregnancies, I actually did not have a history of being overweight. My body felt very unhealthy, and I knew I wanted to try these groundbreaking medicines. 

I started using a different telehealth that had been recommended to me honestly without looking too much at the other telehealths out there. That telehealth was fine, but after a month or so I started researching other programs. I did a deep dive into GLP-1 telehealths, and in my research, I found that JoinFridays really is the best. They have great clinical support, happy customers, and some of the best compound prices you can find anywhere. So, I decided to switch. 

JoinFridays has an intake form where you fill out your health information, and if you qualify, you are prompted to make your first appointment. JoinFridays asks that you have a BMI of at least 30 or a BMI of at least 27 along with another qualifying condition. There are many qualifying conditions that can benefit from a GLP-1. For me, my heart issue qualified. They will let you transfer to them mid-treatment from a different telehealth, you just have to give them your starting weight and some sort of documentation of your prior treatment. 

My first appointment was very exciting! In my old program, I just filled out a form and was sent my medication. With JoinFridays, I have video chats where I talk to a provider about my health and get my questions answered. 

If you wish for JoinFridays to send a prior authorization to your insurance, your provider will get that started for you. They have a whole team dedicated to helping people get these medications covered. If your insurance will cover any of the name brands (Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Zepbound), JoinFridays can send the prescription to your local pharmacy. They can also go back and forth between name brands and compounds if you are having issues getting your medication because of shortages. 

My insurance does not cover GLP-1s at all, so I use the compounds. I use tirzepatide over semaglutide because it is shown to have slightly more weight loss and fewer side effects. I was amazed by JoinFriday’s compound prices. They are seriously crazy good. As I am writing this, semaglutide is $129 a month and tirzepatide starts at $179. Their prices are so low because JoinFridays has long-term contracts with compounding pharmacies. JoinFridays only works with licensed compound pharmacies that provide medical-grade medications. 

In addition to the medication and provider appointments, your membership with JoinFridays gets you access to weekly group coaching sessions for nutrition, fitness, or mindset. Their experts even have office hours for you to get your specific concerns addressed.

**I am now a JoinFridays affiliate. 🙂