Plan a Perfect At-Home Wedding

At-Home Wedding

An at-home wedding can be absolutely romantic, perfectly sentimental but also quite complicated to organize. Unless you have a hundred chairs lying around and fifteen tables tucked away in your garden shed, you’ll need a lot of money, time and preparation to welcome all the guests and happy couple. So, here’s a list of everything you need to consider for a perfect wedding thrown in a location that means the world to you—your home.

Get your permits

Find out if there’s a law on how many people can park in the street, how many people can be in the house, how much noise you can make and how much electricity can be used up. Get all your city permits and make sure to pass the fire department inspections. The last thing you need is cops crashing in and informing you that your party is over.

At-Home Wedding

Consider the space

Are you sure you have enough space to comfortably welcome all your guests? If you’re not sure everyone will fit, better start tweaking up the guest list, because no one will have a great time in an overcrowded home.

Ask for help

Hiring a wedding coordinator will not only take some pressure off your shoulders but also give you a new perspective on your space. Someone who’s never been to your home will have some fresh ideas about the property and how you can use it. Additionally, your coordinators will also help you with other staff like cooks, servers, valets, and cleaners. Really, don’t forget to hire good cleaners, both before the wedding and after. The last thing you need at that time is some house-scrubbing.

At-Home Wedding

Take care of your greenery

Since your backyard will be on display, make sure it’s neat and healthy. If you’re planning a spring at-home wedding, make sure to start your greenery prep in the fall. Most perennials and annuals need some time to take hold, so don’t leave this for the last moment. Find the right time to plant them, so that they are in bloom right for your big day.

Check with your wedding officiant

Before the wedding, make sure to check with your wedding officiant whether they are willing and allowed to perform the ceremony at your home. Some religions only recognize weddings conducted in the place of worship, so make sure to check. So, make sure to leave yourself enough time to find the right officiant who will guide your ceremony.

At-Home Wedding

Don’t forget about invitations

Even though you’re holding a more informal wedding, that doesn’t mean you don’t need invitations. You might also need save-the-date cards, especially if you’re getting married in a particularly busy time of the year. Your personalized wedding invitations can be as unique as you like and they come in a huge variety of styles that can match your wedding theme and vibe. From super elegant and formal designs to quirky and chic ones, there’s something for everyone. Send them at least two months before the big day!

At-Home Wedding

Rent, rent, rent

Most of the things you need for your big day will need to be rented out. The things that are simply a must-have are tables, chairs, tents, plates, cutlery and even porta potties. Tables and chairs are really necessary and make sure to rent enough for everyone to have a seat for the reception. If they take up too much space, remove some of them to free some room for dancing and mingling. Having a good protection from the elements is also very important, otherwise, your wedding can be ruined in case of rain or extreme sun (unless your interior is ready to take all of your guests).

At-Home Wedding

Be free with décor

You’ll have all the freedom to decorate your wedding venue as you like, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money. If you take good care of your greenery, you already have half of the work done! Light up your beautiful trees and shrubs with fairy lights and hang lanterns and you practically have your lighting set. When it comes to other elements, feel free to mix and match for a chic and chill vibe. Bring out your grandma’s vases and candleholders and play with different centerpieces. This will make your venue look amazing for very little money!

After all this effort and planning, your at-home wedding will be more than worth it. Now, your home will be an even more special place than before!

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