Poplin Laundry App Review & Coupon Code

I tried out the Poplin laundry app this week and was impressed. I downloaded the app and within minutes I was able to arrange a door pickup of my laundry. 

My Experience 

You are able to indicate where the laundry is to be picked up. You can say to your front door, back door, or specify somewhere else specific. 

You can pick if you’d like them to use their scented detergent or a hypoallergenic detergent. I picked the hypoallergenic option because I have little ones.

You then pick a service speed. It’s $1/lb for the next-day delivery and $2/lb for the same-day delivery. That’s crazy fast! And affordable!

I was fine with next-day delivery, so I chose that option and within minutes someone messaged me on the app saying they would be by to pick up the laundry in a couple of hours. I left it on my porch as indicated, and she picked it up just like she said. 

The next day I received a message on the app telling me when she would be by to drop off the finished laundry. When it arrived, I was so impressed! It was sorted in little baggies, and it was all nicely folded in my hampers. 

My Thoughts on the App

I think this is an amazing tool for busy parents or just busy people who are looking to outsource some of their housework. Having a ton of laundry building up is such a stressful feeling and how awesome to be able to use this app and support someone else’s small laundry business. 

The Cost

I had two full laundry hampers done and it cost me around $25, and I tipped $5. This isn’t a service I will be using every week by any means because it is an added cost, but it is something that I may use when I am in a bind, have an illness in the family, come back from a trip, or just have a lot going on. 


I actually live in a relatively small town so I wasn’t sure if the service was even going to be available to me. It was! When I’m writing this, Poplin is available in more than 500 cities and 8,000 zip codes.


The app does have gifting options, and I think this would be an amazing gift for a new mom or someone going through an illness. The gift of laundry!

Coupon Code

Poplin gave me a coupon code for my readers. You can use code “MadisonLoethen” for $20 off your first order. That’s a free load of laundry!