Road To Hana Travel Blog
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Road To Hana Travel Blog

I honestly hadn’t heard of the “road to Hana” until I was in Maui, but then I was overwhelmed by both fellow vacationers and locals telling me we had to do it. The road to Hana is a beautiful drive that involves taking Hawaii routes 36 and 360 towards the town of Hana, Hawaii. The road contains beautiful ocean views and bridges, and much of the ride is through a gorgeous rainforest that has tons of waterfalls.

It would take 2 and a half hours one way without stopping, but we of course often stopped to look at the scenery and waterfalls.

Once in Hana, we visited the black beach that is there. The day we went, the water was too rough and cold to swim, but it was still beautiful!

You can go back the way you came, or you can do a full circle around the island. We did the full circle, and the second half of the trip was just as pretty as the first half. It does take longer though, and the whole road trip ended up taking us about 7 hours.

Watch my road to Hana travel vlog on YouTube here:

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