What Shoes to Wear with a Sequined Ensemble

Have you already picked out an outfit to wear for formal event? If you’re still looking into inspirations for what to wear, then maybe you can take a peek at sequined options for that glamorous formal event look. Indeed, nothing speaks celebration more than sparkly sequins!

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There are a whole lot of 2019 prom dresses you can choose from. But, if you do choose to go the glittery way, make sure you remember to coordinate your sequin dress with your shoes. Your choice of footwear has the power to make or break your outfit. So, whether you’re wearing a sequin dress, skirt, or pants, you will find that there is a perfect shoe that will complement your outfit and create a stunning overall look.

While flats or boots may be great for a casual night, you might want to skip these and go for the more glam-looking heels for your formal event 2019 look since this is a special occasion. Here are some suggested sequin dress and shoe pairings that you can take inspiration from:

Black Heels

When it comes to wearing flashy outfits like sequin dresses, the best way to accessorize is to choose black. So it makes perfect sense to pair your shiny ensemble with black footwear. Indeed, black heels are probably the best shoes that you can wear with sequined dresses as their beauty does not compete with the sparkle of your outfit. You’ll never go wrong when you wear a sequin dress with a classic black pump.

And if you’re a sensible fashionista, it is highly likely that you already have a pair of black heels in your closet so you don’t need to spend extra for footwear you will never use again.

Nude Heels

What Shoes to Wear with a Sequined Ensemble

Image Source: Pixabay

Aside from black, nude is also a highly recommended option for shoes to wear with sequined ensembles. Nude and blush tones will not steal attention from your glamorous outfit. Nude heels that match your skin tone allow your dress to shimmer splendidly and stand out the most.

Strappy Heels

Multi-strapped heels spell sexy so if you want a sultry appeal, you’ll want to wear these with your sequin dress. For a daintier look, go for thinner straps. If you want a bit of an edgier look, go for the thicker straps. And if you want a sexier flair, you can opt to wear black peep-toe ankle strap pumps with your sequined outfit.

Minimalist Sandals

The shoe that looks like it barely has enough straps to keep your foot in is also a great choice of footwear for your sequined number. Because minimalist sandals have a subtle style, it will not steal the limelight from your dress. Just make sure that your feet also look pretty and clean when you opt to wear these sandals.

Textured Footwear

Noting that sequins are dramatic in nature, it would also be a good choice to cap the look with dramatic footwear. You can look all celebratory and party-ready by opting for impressive shoe materials. Your textured footwear options include velvet, suede, and patent leather. You can also look for sexy transparent plastic heels to wrap up the drama.

Metallic Heels

What Shoes to Wear with a Sequined EnsembleImage Source: Pexels

This should only be considered by a person who is confident enough to shine from head to toe. Not everyone can pull off the daring metallic look but if you’re willing to risk it, make sure that you go for metallic mirror pumps that match your dress or skirt or pants. If you’re wearing a gold dress, go for gold shoes. Pair a silver sequined skirt with silver footwear.

Follow the above tips, and you’ll surely not go wrong with your sequined dress.

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