Sparkly Holiday Decorating Ideas

I decorated for Christmas this year, and I’m so glad I did! This time last year we still had moving boxes around the house, and the thought of decorating just seemed overwhelming.

So this year we bought our first tree, lots of decorations, and also incorporated some Christmas decor that we had been gifted or collected over the years. I love sparkles around the holidays, so my Christmas decor theme was sparkles and silver. I think it turned out so pretty, although it did have me vacuuming up glitter for a few days after I decorated.

I splurged on a couple of items and then bought the majority of the decor from Dollar Tree and Walmart. Both stores have adorable budget-friendly items! Having the house decorated complete with a lit up Christmas tree makes the holidays feel that much more exciting and special. I even wrapped a few presents early so that I could stick them under the tree.

You can watch me decorate on my YouTube video here:

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