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We started off our dream Hawaiian honeymoon on The Big Island. We decided to hit that island because we both really wanted to see the volcano. Once we were there, we researched helicopter rides. We ended up going on a Paradise Helicopter tour. It cost us around $250 each, but we decided that would be the big splurge of our vacation.

We saw where the lava meets the water, the volcano, and some beautiful waterfalls. It was so amazing!

After the helicopter tour, we stopped by a black beach. The sand really is black!

We also went to the green beach. We heard this was only one of two green beaches in the world, so we decided we had to see it. It is a long, hard, hour-long hike to reach the beach. Only trucks and some jeeps can make it there, although you can see marks on the ground where people have gotten stuck. Once we were there, we were a little underwhelmed. It was just kind of green. Not worth the long hike. Luckily, we hitched a ride back go our car.

Watch my YouTube vlog on The Big Island here:

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