Tips For Being A Bridesmaid

I was a bridesmaid in two weddings this month – I know crazy! It was so much fun. There’s nothing like standing beside your besties on their big day. I have noticed though that first-time bridesmaids are often a bit unsure about what they should be doing and what is expected of them. Here’s a few tips that I came up with:

  • Say Yes! This should go without saying right? Apparently not. I’ve seen several instances where friends have said no to being a bridesmaid for some pretty lame reasons (ex. considering going on vacation that time of year). If your friend asks you to be a bridesmaid, if at all possible, you need to say yes. Saying no for a dumb reason will really hurt your friendship! This is a huge day for her, and you missing it and choosing not to be a part of it would be hurtful. If you have a legitimate concern (your health, a family member’s health, finances…) explain to your friend the situation and see if there is something the two of you can work out.
  • Budget. Saying yes means your are going to need to plan on spending some money. The dress and travel to the wedding are a given, but then there’s bachelorette party throwing, bridal shower throwing, gifts for your friend at both of those events and a wedding gift that you should also consider. Most brides know where their friends are at financially and try to be considerate, but regardless, you will end up spending a chunk of change before the wedding’s through. Plan and budget for these expenses.
  • Offer To Help. If you are a bridesmaid, you should offer to help throw the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and also help with wedding prep. The maid of honor should take the lead on the bachelorette party and bridal shower, but it is a nice gesture to offer to help with planning. Ask the bride what kind of wedding prep she might need help with. If the bride is doing a lot of the decorating herself, offering to come into town a few days early to help set up is often extremely appreciated.
  • Be Her Maid. Ever wonder why there’s a “maid” in bridesmaid? You need to be her maid the day of the wedding. Steam her dress, run errands for her, help her go to the bathroom (super hard to do in a wedding dress), lift her train so it doesn’t get dirty, constantly check her hair and makeup to make sure it still looks good… You get the picture. You are there to make her day the best ever.

And of course enjoy the day! Weddings bring friends together like nothing else. Relish the time you have with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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