Trying A Home Lip Plumper

I occasionally like to overdraw my lips with makeup to get that nice “pout” look. So, I was curious when I saw the LipFusion XXL instant lip plumper. It is a plumper that you can use at home as an alternative to injections or other kinda scary procedures. ;-).

I tried it and liked the results! The liquid goes on very smooth without any discomfort. Right away I could see a difference.

It was nothing too dramatic, but you cold definitely see a change. I think it’s kinda perfect since I don’t want people accusing me of getting injections, I just want my lips to look full and plump.

The package says to use it morning and night if you want to keep up the plump. I let it ware off and my lips were back down to normal after a full day.

Watch my YouTube review here!


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