Trying On Wedding Dresses With My Flower Girl

Trying On Wedding Dresses With My Flower Girl

It’s about a year from my wedding now, so according to every wedding blog, website, and former bride, it’s time to start looking for a dress. Seems early right? Apparently not when you take the dress being ordered and altered into consideration.

I’m a big fan of Say Yes To The Dress, so I imagined my bridal appointment going something like one of the brides on the show. My mom made an appointment with Mia Grace Bridal Salon in my hometown, and I invited a few of my bridesmaids to go with me. My little flower girl Riley even came along.

My attendant was very sweet and helpful. I gave her an idea of the styles I liked, and she helped me pick out several dresses to try on. But when I began trying the dresses on, I was surprised how much I liked almost all of them. I was nothing like the brides on Say Yes To The Dress who shot down dresses left and right until they finally found the right one and burst into happy tears. All the dresses I tried on were beautiful in their own right, and I quickly discovered there was no way I was ready to choose one yet.

Before I could start to get overwhelmed, Riley asked if she could try on some wedding dresses. I laughed and brought her over to the flower girl section.  We found some pretty white dresses for her to try on. She beamed when I put veils on both of us, and we took some pictures.

I may not have ended up choosing a dress, but I sure had fun!


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