Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump Review

Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump Review

The Zomee Fit Wearable Breast Pump is one of the most attractive wearable breast pump models. It has a cute bluish-green color, clear milk collector bottles at the bottom, and a nice digital screen at the top. I think its attractive model is what made me so curious about it to begin with. That and the price tag. It’s half the price of some of the other luxury wearable pump options.


I tried it out for a few weeks, and it worked well for me. I had great output and found the suction did its job nicely. I preferred to do 2 minutes on massage mode and then about 15 minutes on expression mode which is about what I normally do on other pumps as well. 

It has a digital screen that you use to operate and no app. I personally kind of like this better because I am often using my phone for other things while pumping and like not having to rely on an app or keep an app open. 

I found I had a good range of motion with these on. I could move up and down and slightly forward and back without spilling a drop. That being said, you can’t lay all the way down or bend all the way over or you will spill. Like most wearable pumps, they feel a bit heavy in your bra. However, you get used to the feeling as long as you are wearing a snug stretchy nursing bra.

The parts are easy to clean and put together. To clean the milk containers, just use that little brush that it comes with. 

Here’s a direct comparison to a few of the other wearable pumps I’ve tried and liked:

Zomee Fit vs Momcozy S12 Pro: Pretty comparable. I feel like the Zomee Fit parts may be a little higher quality and last longer. 

Zomee Fit vs Willow Go: The Zomee fit you can pop off and do the fridge hack with while you can’t with the Willow Go. The Willow go has an app and the Zomee Fit doesn’t. 

Zomee Fit vs Elvie Stride: The Zomee fit is tube-free. The Elvie Stride sits lighter in your bra. 

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